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Fair Use Policy

RWMann.com, AirlineIndustryAnalysis.com and Airline-Industry-Analysis.com and
Aerodevelopments.com (hereafter, "these sites") contain content designed, composed
or commissioned by R.W. Mann & Company, Inc. and are protected by applicable U.S.
and International trademark and copyright laws.

None of the content (including but not limited to text, graphics, or other presentation methods)
appearing in these sites may be reproduced in whole or part without the express, advance
written permission of R.W. Mann & Company, Inc., or other parties with claim to creation of
materials in question.  Certain proprietary materials and referenced links are the subject of
pending patent applications in the U.S. and elsewhere.

External links to these sites are welcomed, as long as it is clear to any prospective viewer or
search routine that the ownership of the page is not in question. This use includes but is
not limited to the use of URL redirect and "framing" to present pages directly. We would
appreciate it if you would advise us in advance of such links, so we are aware of your interest
in our work and material.

In the spirit in which the web was created, these sites offer external links in their online content.
We make no claim to ownership, nor take any responsibility for information appearing on pages
linked to or from this web site.

If you would like to inquire about use of website materials, request fair use guidelines, place an
external link to the sites or have a concern about a link on this web site, please email us at

Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting the privacy of users of these sites. The information we collect is
used exclusively to improve the usability of these sites and to facilitate services that we provide.
We value your privacy and will take all necessary steps to protect it.

Billing Policies

R.W. Mann & Company recognizes that clients look for value and efficiency from their advisors,
and we are responsive to that demand.  While our normal billing arrangement is based on hourly
fees for advisory services, with invoices prepared monthly, we are prepared to explore other fee
arrangements that may be more suitable to a particular clientís needs.

Hourly Fee Arrangements

Under Mann & Company's standard hourly fee arrangement, the fees for our professional services
are based upon the firmís hourly rates for those advisors and other firm personnel who will perform
services on your behalf. When feasible and efficient, services may be performed by affiliated firms
or other staff members operating under the supervision of the engagement leader.

In addition to our fees, we expect to be paid for disbursements and other charges incurred on a
client's behalf. Such items may include data acquisition fees, telecommunications charges, online
research, report preparation, messenger and delivery services, travel (airfare, lodging, meals and
ground transportation, including mileage), and if appropriate, business meals and conferences.

Alternative Fee Arrangements

In todayís competitive and economic environment, situations requiring advisory services may not
justify traditional fee arrangements.  We will work with clients to develop alternative financial arrangements
to meet their individual needs. Mann & Company has developed a number of innovative strategies for
clients, including fixed retainers, task billing, success fees and others.

Your Bill

We encourage client questions on all matters, and we welcome and encourage your feedback.
If you have specific billing requirements, policies and procedures, we will work with you to
accommodate your needs. Our billing function is flexible and enables us to meet individual billing
objectives as well as provide you will a clear and timely record of the services undertaken and
costs incurred on your behalf.